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Age Pure/ League Byes

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Age Pure/ League Byes

Post by GoalFC on 1/10/2016, 4:50 pm

Since AP will now be 1/1 thru 12/31 shouldn't the soccer year now run the same?
Since CL is implementing the AP rule beginning in fall 16' and there's so many questions regarding the byes, why not have the fall 16 season as a qualifier?
Seed the teams over 10 groups as such after spring 16....

A) DI1, DII10, DIII1, Entry, Entry
B) DI2, DII9, DIII2, Entry, Entry
C) DI3, DII8, DIII3, Entry, Entry
D) DI4, DII7, DIII4, Entey, Entry
E) DI5, DII6, DIII5, Entry, Entry
F) DI6, DII5, DIII6, Entry, Entry
G) DI7, DII4, DIII7, Entry, Entry
H) DI8, DII3, DIII8, Entry, Entry
I) DI9, DII2, DIII9, Entry, Entry
J) DI10, DII1, DIII10, Entry, Entry

Each group would then play each other twice during the fall 16 season. First place from each group would then make up D1, 2nd place would make up D2 and 3rd place would make up D3 starting in Spring 17. Then continue with the current regulation/promotion after 2017 year.
This would allow a transition into making the soccer year to run Spring/Fall instead of Fall/Spring, settle the Byes, allow other teams to challenge and the CL would bank $$$.
Everyone happy, right?

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