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What happens when game is suspended?

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What happens when game is suspended?

Post by 34blast on 10/12/2015, 12:04 am

I went to a friend's son game in Plano at Carpenter this weekend, Plano Premier League. There was a commotion on the field next to ours. I'm told the game ended or was suspended because of punches being thrown by players. What happens in that case? Is the scores recorded as a win for the team ahead at the time, or do both teams forfeit? Or does it depend? It had to be in the second half, since it was the second half of the game I was watching.

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Re: What happens when game is suspended?

Post by Beast_04 on 10/12/2015, 12:23 pm

Below is an excerpt from the PYSA Competitive Rules (Section 8. Games, Subsection C. Forfeitures, #6), the funny thing is that it only specifies "Any adult,spectator, coach, assistant coach or manager that that causes", but not player, so don't know if this would necessarily apply, and if so, it would depend on which team they blamed for it.

Any adult,spectator, coach, assistant coach or manager that that causes the official
to abandon the game will result in a mandatory forfeit with a win and maximum
points to be awarded to the opposing team and the responsible party will be required
to attend a hearing where additional penalties may be assessed It is the refereeā€™s
discretion to have the player go to the parking lot or remain at the field. If the referee
allows the player to remain on the sideline, that player must put on their alternate
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